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What is Available in Our Services:

1. Free setup with Photobooth Attendant onsite to assist with any requests

2. Photos, GIFS, Boomerangs

3. Option of Filters

4. Instant sharing of photos to phone through Airdrop or Text

5. Live gallery of photos with link to revisit at the end of the event  

6. Custom templates to fit the theme of the event 


Our Services



$ 300

Suggested Events: Birthday, Baby/Bridal Shower, Shop Grand Openings

Time: 2 Hours


What Is Included:

- 1 attendant on site

-1 customizable template for photos

-1 customizable template for boomerang

-Live gallery with photos and boomerangs

-Filters: Original photo and Black & White Filter option




Suggested Events: Corporate Events, Conferences 

Time: 4 Hours


What Is Included:

-1 attendant on site

-1 customizable template for photos

-2 customizable templates for boomerangs

-LED lights for start of home screen

-Live gallery with photos, boomerangs, GIFs 

-Filters: Original photo, Black & White, glam



$ 850

Suggested Events: Weddings, Conventions

Time: 6 Hours

What Is Included:

-1 attendant on site

-1 customizable template for photos

-2 customizable templates for boomerang

-Customizable LED lights for home screen

-Customizable "Touch to Start" screen

-Live gallery with photos, boomerangs, and GIFs

-Filters: Original photo filter, Black & White, glam, instant, transfer, process, noir

-Digital Props

*Add-ons for items that are not included in the package chosen*



Renting our photo props is a great way to add excitement and fun to your event. We will cater our props to the event depending on the theme. Our wide selection will provide endless opportunities for your guests to express their creativity and create unique and memorable photos. They are easy to use and suitable for everyone, making them a great way to entertain guests of all ages!

Party Props



Renting a backdrop from our photobooth website is the perfect way to add a professional and personalized touch to your event. Our backdrops are designed to suit any theme or occasion, whether it's a scenic backdrop for a beach-themed wedding or a solid colored one to add a pop of color to the photo. The backdrops provide an attractive background for all of your event's photos and is an effortless way to enhance the look and feel of the event/photo.

Additionally, our backdrops are easy to install and remove, and our team of professionals will handle the setup and takedown, so you don't have to worry about a thing!



Print your memories with us and bring your photo booth experience to life! Our high-quality printer options delivers vibrant, long-lasting prints that make the perfect addition to your keepsake album or scrapbook. We also offer the option of AirPrint, which allows guests to print photos directly from the screen for convenience. Choose this option to relive the fun and excitement of your photobooth session anytime, anywhere. 

Free Vector _ Printer.jpeg

Black and White Glam Photobooth Feature 


Achieve the ultimate glam and classic look with our Black & White Galm photobooth option, which will leave your images looking flawless. This will elevate your photobooth session and will have you walking away with stunning, magazine worthy photos.

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